Nunyarra is a 3 Day Festival held in Northern NSW.

Camping is a big part of the fun. By creating your own little home on the land with your friends and/or family you create your own personal experience, regardless of how many you share it with.

GET CREATIVE! Theres nothing more awesome than seeing a crew create a camp thats vibe resonates with everyone who sees it.

 Do something unique and individual!  (it can help you find your camp when its proving difficult)


A few essentials can make your weekend more enjoyable:

  1. A Tent. It sounds silly to say but some people don’t bring them and sleep is important to rest those dancing feet for the next day.
  2. Inflatable or Camping Mattress. Don’t sleep on a rock. We recommend Self inflating mats for a good night rest and easy transport.
  3. Cooking on open fires or open flames are strictly prohibited however you are able to bring a contained camp cooker eg: Gasmate portable cooker – As per regulations.
  4. A Torch. There’s nothing worse than walking around a festival with no light. Your feet cop it and getting lost is no fun. Head torches are a great aid, but any light source will do.
  5. Clothes. Layers are always recommended; this time of year usually has cold nights and warm days. Make sure you bring adequate clothing.
  6. Water! Hydration is KEY to being your best self. Please bring more water than you think you'll need! We will have limited water available throughout the event but having a good supply at camp is always recommended!
  7. Sun Protection. Hats, Sunscreen & Shade are of extreme importance!  Sunburn and sunstroke are a horrid way to spend a weekend. Be smart and cover up!

These are just a few of the recommended essentials. Share tips and tricks with others so everyone has a blast safely and comfortably.