“NUNYARRA” means “thank you” in the Bundjalung language.

The site chosen is home to two main language groups:

The Kamilaroi(Gamilaraay, Gamilaroi) people and The Bundjalung (Bunjalung, Badjalang & Bandjalang) people.

We aspire to involve the community in all aspects of the festival creation.  We offer our deepest respect to these traditional custodians. 

Our intention is to bring together as many different indigenous tribes as we can, reaching from our own homelands and beyond.

Sharing is a key ideology of culture and this is what we want to reflect in our festival. 

We aim to create a space where all are involved giving and sharing. We hope to build a stronger connection between people with in the community to uplift our culture, to keep it alive and evolving.

Combining the oldest traditions with the contemporary, we hope to support all creativity that enters this realm.

Having our local mob involved, gives us a great opportunity to give back to others by helping create a safe place were we can share our culture and history as one.

We will offer a range of educational Workshops, highlighting our Traditional Dance, Music, Storytelling,  Language and Art. We trust we will see people leaving Nunyarra with a new found appreciation of Australia’s true Indigenous past and present culture with the confidence to continue sharing.

The vision of Nunyarra, is to bring harmony though connection to the songlines of the First Nation People.

Spreading awareness, love and connection far and wide.

A Tribe, sharing and experiencing as one.