We are so pleased to offer a sacred space of healing, learning, sharing and co-creating with the intention of transcending our differences through a range of carefully selected workshops and activities. 

Our workshop space has been designed to start the day off by activating and unlocking our minds and bodies to their full potential through unique and various types of yoga, meditation and vocal activation sessions. 

This will provide us with all the tools needed to then dive splendidly into a day full of dancing, learning and loving.   All throughout the day we have various workshops and activities designed to suit all individuals young, old and everything in between.

We are truly blessed to have many traditional owners and Elders of this sacred land holding a large portion of our workshops as we feel that now more then ever it is of paramount importance that we take the time to learn the sacred wisdom passed down to us all.

But of course we will also be including classes, instructors and participants from all walks of life and backgrounds as the only way for us to progress as a species is as ONE! Recognizing, accepting and praising the unique gifts that each soul brings to the planet and sharing those gifts so that we are all able to reap the benefits!

Weaving, painting, boomerang making, dancing, poetry, permaculture, bush tucker and medicine, yoga, natural beauty, eco-friendly living, meditation, voice activation are just some of the amazing workshops we have install for you all with plenty more to be announced!